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REVIEW: Lucky Turtle

Cindra is a teenage girl who gets herself, caught up in a bad situation. Since she is white with no priors, she is offered the opportunity to go to a behavioral modification camp in Montana rather than serve jail time. Quite quickly she is a fish out of water, but she finds refuge in one…

REVIEW: The Garden of Lost Secrets

WWII had an impact on so many people’s lives. Stasia is a young girl from Rotterdam who visits her grandparents’ farm in France for the summer. While there she meets a young man and they form a friendship that leads to young love. When the war breaks out we follow them both, Nicolas goes off…

REVIEW: French Holiday

Merry’s best friend is marrying her sister, that sounds like a dream come true, if only she weren’t in love with him herself. After years of pining away for him, her sister, who has stolen everything she loves all of her life, has taken him as well. She decides to go to a French chateau owned…

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