BOOK TOUR & REVIEW: A Twist of Karma

Ok, I’ll be honest, during this one there were a few times where I wondered what type of book I was reading. The first 30% is about Jennifer’s spiritual conversion to Buddhism at a retreat in Sri Lanka after her daughter’s death, this was a well written treatise on grief and recovery. When Jennifer returns and tries to pick up with her life, she becomes somewhat embroiled in the mystery of a serial killer that is haunting Santa Monica. It is not initially clear about how these two stories fit together. I would say it’s akin to the Egyptology in Jodi Picoult’s Book of Two Ways, it’s setting you up for the progression of the climax of the story. But, I could see how it could be overkill to some. I enjoyed it as it was well done as you were learning with Jennifer rather than having facts thrown at you seemingly for no reason.

The murder mystery comes in and out, so don’t go in expecting a straightforward detective story or thriller. The story is more about Jennifer’s progression and how her actions have brought her into this place. She is tortured by the idea that her daughter’s soul is not at peace. The paranormal elements were well done and super creepy; reading this one before bed left me with some crazy dreams!

Thanks to Blackthorn Book Tours for a copy in exchange for my honest opinion. This one is on Kindle Unlimited so easy to grab a copy if this sounds like it might be for you.

In this story, Jennifer needs to be really hit over the head with the fact that she must act to help her daughter and these murdered women. If you were visited by a ghost, do you think you’d be the same or would you jump into action right away?

~ Dana

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