REVIEW: Legendborn

“Because broken hearts strip vocabularies down to their raw bones…”


Holy amazing endings, Batman! When I started this book, I’ll admit for the first third I thought it was ok YA fantasy but then it really started to pick up steam and by the last third, I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!
In many fantasy stories we see the good and evil of magic, in the balance of power in this story we see how two cultures interpret the power they are given. The metaphor is a microcosm of those two cultures in the real world – those who acquire power and wealth and will do anything to gather more versus those who want to live in harmony, community and share the blessings given to them.

Bree is a great heroine in that she is completely devastated by her mother’s death and she is grasping for a place to belong, a purpose. When she finds it, it is everything she was hoping for and yet, as she peels back the layers what is revealed it will shatter everything she thinks she knows. But she powers through her uncertainties and that was a great journey to go on with her.
I appreciated that there was a real ending and yet lots of open threads for where the story could go without it being your typical cliffhanger. Absolutely worth a read for any fantasy lover. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is my favorite read of 2021 so far – what’s yours?

~ Dana

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