Review: Helena

“The Church isn’t a cult for a few heroes. It is the whole of fallen mankind redeemed.”


This one has been on my TBR since our pastor recommended it a few years ago. It is a beautiful fictionalization of the life of an ancient, towering example of a woman. She was responsible for the spread and acceptance of Christianity across the Mediterranean with her finding and venerating of the cross of Jesus. Her and her son had an unusual view of the world and way of comporting themselves for the time they were born.

I enjoyed the snippets of life we saw along the way for Helena, Constantine and Crispus although I would have loved for this story to be 100s of pages longer and given me more detail about her inner thoughts and how she came to see the world as she did. Her faith once present was unwavering and the idea that she had such power in the time she did was so inspiring.

This book was first published in the 1950’s – what’s the last book you’ve read that was published in the previous century?

~ Dana

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