Review: Escaping From Houdini

I am really enjoying the capers of Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell, even though this was the most far-fetched of the stories so far. Yeah, I know the last one was about Dracula, but this one seemed a little more over the top for me.

We find the Wadsworth/Cresswell clan upon a boat bound for America, conveniently the ship happens to be hosting a Moonlight Carnival featuring the one and only Houdini, although at this point he is not yet infamous. I liked the idea of the mystery this time being someone on the ship but I do think the carnival thing is a bit over done in YA.

I also felt like the villain was obvious in this particular case. I didn’t peg the exact motive but I found myself pointing my finger in the exact right direction.

Audrey waffling about Thomas yet again with someone she just met and knew little about was a bit off-putting as well.

Not my favorite book of the series and yet I find myself drawn to diving into the next book right away!  

What’s your favorite card game?

~ Dana

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