REVIEW: The Dating Plan

Ok, everyone knows that rom-coms are not my thing but occasionally I like them as palate cleansers. And I’ve planned a few leading up to Valentine’s Day. Sometimes they really surprise me. And boy, did I enjoy this one!

Daisy was such a great main character. My biggest dislike in romcoms is when the girl is a mess and the guy’s life is completely together and he comes along and “saves” her from herself. This story was not that. Daisy was smart and capable and she knew it. In every aspect of her life she was waiting for the right opportunities and she knew when to grab them and hold on with them. She was balancing a career she loved with a vibrant family life and found a way to make real time to support a friend and eventually a relationship. We need more women in these stories that are bounding with confidence and learning when it’s ok to have it all and just shine. Liam constantly referenced how he loved her brain and how clever she was. I loved as she began to embrace that more. I loved that she was a Marvel nerd AND a sports fan, yes we do exist! Her tight knit family dripping with Indian tradition and culture was so fun to immerse in.

Liam was your typical aloof, damaged bad boy who turned out to be quite complex with real emotional depth. He was the epitome of unwavering loyalty. Neither of these characters were caricatures and I found that endlessly refreshing. I also really appreciated that there was real communication between them not just telling one another what the other wanted to hear. Even though there were some past hurts between them, they worked through them in a healthy way. This book highlights a relationship that is one that people can read and enjoy and root for.

I would consider this one to be more on the steamy side than my personal preference so be prepared for that going in. There are a few eye roll cheesy romance moments but I wasn’t drowning in them. There also are frank discussions about domestic violence, alcoholism and divorce which are well done.
Thanks to Netgalley for giving me access to an ARC of this novel. All opinions above are my own. This one releases in March so get your orders in! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Note: there are no discussions of Hinduism in this novel, but these two statues are my favorite items I brought back from my trip to India. I just adore them and everything I’ve experienced of Indian culture.

Would you ever (or have you ever) consider getting back with an ex? Or do you believe an ex is an ex for a reason?

~ Dana

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