REVIEW: Wild Game

“‘I know my mother loved me,’ Malabar said, carefully choosing each word, ‘but not so much as she loved herself.’”

“I knew Malabar loved me as much as she could love anyone.”


Wow, holy mother issues Batman. Boy, did I relate to Rennie’s story. The extent of my mother’s toxic behavior wasn’t quite as bad as Malabar’s but I could relate to being raised by a selfish, manipulative narcissist. It’s funny generally stories with mommy issues turn me off, I’m not one who reads to relive their own story but rather escape it. But in this case I found Rennie’s journey cathartic. She found a way to break the chain and distance herself from the toxic relationship to find her own way. I appreciated that the story went beyond the scandal into what healing looks like. ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

What’s the last memoir that you really related to?

~ Dana

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