Map Monday Review – The Poppy War

“Warfare was about absolutes. Us or them. Victory or defeat. There was no middle way. There was no mercy. No surrender.”


The Poppy War is high fantasy at its very best. From page one, I could hardly put this book down. I’m so glad I waited until the entire series was out to start because I literally want to spend the rest of my month escaping to the Nikara Empire. 

Rin is a fabulous female warrior who wants nothing more than to escape her humdrum peasant life and bring glory to her people. She defies all odds as she gets into the most elite military academy in the Empire and then fights her way through it with dedication and passion that amazes her classmates and earns her lots of enemies. As she begins to learn more about the Empire’s history, a secret world of gods and magic is revealed to her and she goes from incredulous to obsessed. When the Empire is drawn back into war, she knows her place is fighting for what she believes in. But as more of the world is revealed to her, what she believes is challenged and she must evolve and choose who she wants to be and what to fight for.

The world building is fabulous and the character development is complex. There are amazing tests of loyalty, courage and strength. The warfare is intense and rivals some of the best classic fantasy I’ve ever read. Do yourself a favor and read this series! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s been a while since I’ve done a #mapmonday post – boy did I use the heck out of the map in this book, it was great to follow along as each region got involved in the war.

What’s the last book map that you got lost in?

~ Dana

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