REVIEW: Namesake

I am so glad that this sequel lived up to all my expectations after absolutely loving Fable. The aspects I loved about Fable were the adventure of the dredging and the complex character stories where not everyone was all good or all bad. 

Namesake sees Fable about to start off on her own with West and the crew when they are suddenly ensnared in a political plot that pits her desires and loyalties against one another. I was happy to see character development as well as as much adventure as could be packed into the pages. There were a few characters I was happy to see pop back up and the ingenuity the crew had to try to get themselves out of each and every jam. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I know this is intended to be a duology but I’d love to see more in this world with these characters. What’s the last series you wanted more of once the series was over?

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