REVIEW: Gods of Jade and Shadow

“Words are seeds, Casiopea. With words you can embroider narratives, the narratives breed myths, and there’s power in myth. Yes, the things you name have power.”


Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic was one of my favorite reads of last year so I had high hopes going into Gods of Jade and Shadow and I was not disappointed. As I expected, the writing was beautiful; her descriptions of the world and the emotions building within the characters were evocative. The myth and magic of ancient Mexico and the Mayans was like stumbling upon a beautiful treasure chest where each gem was more beautiful than the last. I loved the balance of light and dark and a heroine who was strong and good with villains who were powerful and yet fair.

Casiopea was a Cinderella-like character; unloved and under appreciated by her family with no hope of escape until she stumbles upon the bones of a long banished god. Bound together, they must complete a quest to try to restore him to the throne and free her from impending death. When she learns who he truly is, she is not fearful but determined. I was impressed with the mutability of the characters throughout the story.

I wanted a little bit more in the end… actually, to be honest, I want a second book. And probably a third while I’m asking for things. But to quote the book:
“There is no ‘after,'” she whispered.
It wasn’t fair. But there wasn’t an “after” in stories, was there? The curtain simply fell. She was not in a fairy tale, in any case. What “after” could there be?” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What’s the last book you read that took place in a country other than your own?

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