REVIEW: The Dark Tide

“Eva had reached her limit for human interaction. 

She could feel the climbing tension in her muscles, the sharp stab of irritation every time another person spoke, the rising desire to pluck one of her hairpins out of her braids and shove it through someone’s throat.”


Ok, I think Jasinska captured my personality in Eva in this novel. LOL – I know Eva is supposed to be the dark queen but she was just so badass and principled in her own anti-human, witchy way. I loved her character more than any of the others. 

On the island of Caldella, in order to appease the sea and save the island from being overcome by the tides, a human sacrifice must be made. The Witch Queen chooses one boy who has captured her heart to be sacrificed under the light of the full moon. That is, until last year, when the boy chosen outwitted the queen and she sacrificed herself. The new queen, her sister, is more determined than ever to get the ritual back on track and avenge her sister. She chooses last year’s escaped sacrifice and vows to set things right. Until Lina and Finley enter the liar of the witches to save him and challenge the ritual.

The magical worldbuilding is great and while the story revolves just around a handful of characters, they are all interesting and unique. Each was principled and passionate in their own way with their own views on how to end the ritual, stop the sacrifices and save their island. A great dark fairy tale with exactly the satisfying ending I wanted. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What’s your favorite dark fairy tale?

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