REVIEW: Witches Steeped in Gold

“Bare your teeth like a predator even if at times you feel more like prey.”


Cha, did this one take me longer to read than I anticipated. It had all the fantasy elements I usually love: witches, pirates, blood magic, long fraught rivalries, bitter betrayals and lots of secrets. But sadly, I just struggled to get into it. The world building was fabulous and immersive but I just didn’t love or want to root for any of the main characters. I’m not sure what was lacking for me, but I couldn’t find the connection I was desperately grasping for with Jazmyne, Iraya or Kirdan. Also, I wasn’t really rooting for the world they were each hoping to create by their rebellion. I’m hoping that this was just a hiccup for me with the first book, as with Children of Blood and Bone (lots of similarities there) and that the second book will be all I hoped for. I do always love a sequel more than a first book.

Sorry for the short review but after 500 pages, I’m struggling to put into words what I wanted and didn’t get. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

What’s the last book that should have ticked all the boxes for you but just didn’t?

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