REVIEW: Shutter

Betty is “tall, thin and lost.” She’s just Anthony Marino’s type. Anthony is Hollywood’s it boy and he thinks Betty is perfect for his new project. He offers her $40,000 to join the film which has no script and will require her to change her appearance and spend a few weeks in a remote Maine cabin with the very small cast. For a young, broke actress looking for her big break it sounds like the perfect summer project.

The writing is very atmospheric and builds a clear picture of isolation and creepiness as they arrive at the cabin. Between booze and bad weather, Betty’s paranoia about what this project actually is begins to hit a fever pitch. She’s dealing with her father’s recent suicide and her demons make her much more accepting of the red flags she sees in Anthony. All throughout the story she is balancing between her growing feelings for him and her unease at just what this film is rooted in.Is it a creative project or a harsh dose of revenge?

The writing was good, there were times where I was as suspicious as Betty and times where I was just thinking you signed up for this and all you’ve done is complain. The story crosses a line from creepy to violent and it doesn’t look back. The movie within the story is based on Cape Fear and I’d say that it does a great job of encapsulating that madness. I was waiting for a bigger twist than the ones that happened. Truly I would label this one more as horror than thriller but if you like creepy revenge stories then this one will be for you.

Thanks to Berkley Books for a copy of this novel. All opinions above are my own.

What’s the last book that made the hairs on your neck prickle?

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