Half Year Top 15 : #’s 11-15

So we’ve reached mid-year and now I must pick amongst all of the amazing pages I’ve gotten lost in, which have been my favorite. Over the next few days, I’m going to be counting down my top 15 books of the first half of the year. Because when I sat down to pick my favorites, it was exactly 15 that jumped out at me as being the ones I couldn’t easily forget.

I am happy with the variety of books that ended up in this list and I’m so interested in hearing what you think of these, if you’ve read them. Here are some thoughts on them now without looking back at my reviews, but I am linking to each review below as well so you can see them.

So without further ado… here are numbers 15-11.

#15 – The Maidens

Ok, lots of controversy about this one. But I didn’t love The Silent Patient the way “the world” did. It was just ok for me. The Maidens had much more intrigue and as you’ll see throughout the list that I am a sucker for the mythology theme. I really liked Mariana as a character and Edward Fosca as a potential villain. Frankly, I liked all the potential villains in this one.

You can see my original review here.

#14 – The Safe Place

Two thrillers on the list already? Who am I?! Actually, these are the only ones but they were both great. The Safe Place had such a sense of foreboding. It’s rare that I really feel the anxiety and paranoia of the protagonist in a book, but this one did it for me. I also had a million theories about what was going on and I was super wrong. And the truth of it was better than what I was thinking!

You can see my original review here.

#13 – Mary Jane

Ah, Mary Jane… she was the perfect child. If I could birth a girl like her, I’d consider having children. She was so responsible and kind and yet open-minded. Her coming of age story was even more compelling how she impacted the adults around her. Her hard nosed parents began to really see her, the free–spirited adults began to see the value of structure and Mary Jane learned about balance. I just really adored the message of this one. Mary Jane was sparkling and I would totally read another novel with her as a central character, as she goes to high school or college or has her own child.

You can read my original review here.

#12 – Legendborn

Ok, the first fantasy on the list and certainly not the last. If you saw my half year stats, you’ll know I have read more fantasy than anything else. So this is the first and when I read it, I really thought it would be in the top five. Bree is a great heroine and the modernizing of the Arthurian legend was enthralling. This is also the first of the last chapter twists that I’m loving this year. There have been so many good ones… my number one may have an ending like that… Anyway – the unraveling of the secret society with all the rules and tradition was really fun to get lost in. I can’t wait til book two!

You can read my original review here.

#11 – Gods of Jade and Shadow

How much can I gush over Silvia Moreno-Garcia?! Mexican Gothic was in my top ten last year so I knew I had to go back and read her previous book. Gods of Jade and Shadow was nowhere near as dark and creepy as Mexican Gothic but it had dark fairytale vibes and lots of careful what you wish for vibes. I love that in a fantasy. Again for me, the sign of a great story is when it is in a world that I want a whole new book in. I want ten more books in this world and with Casseopia as the heroine.

You can read my original review here.

Have you read any of these? Do you agree?

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