REVIEW: House of Hollow

“I’m a girl made of bread crumbs lost in the woods.”


Oh god, this book is deliciously dark. It is everything I want in dark fantasy. The Hollow sisters disappeared for an entire month and when they were found naked in the street, they had no memory of it. Decades later, the eldest goes missing again and her sisters are determined to find her. Could whatever happened to them in the past be back to haunt them?

This book was a masterpiece of horror writing, if Steven King rewrote the movie the Labyrinth you would get the House of Hollow. It masterfully weaves Grimms fairy tale elements with mythology and sets them in the modern day UK seamlessly. I loved the evocative descriptions of the sights and smells throughout. It truly was the stuff of nightmares.

The sisters are all mysterious and unique with completely different motivations and loyalties. It made for an interesting read because although the big baddie was a little predictable it was the why and the how that kept the pages turning. This will likely end up one of my favorites of the year. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What’s the last book that surprised you how much you enjoyed it?

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