REVIEW: A Carnival of Snackery

Oh, David Sedaris, how I would love to spend 5 minutes in your mind! A Carnival of Snackery gives us yet another glimpse of the world through his eyes and as always it’s equally hilarious, poignant and curious. In the style of journal entries we follow David’s life 2003 to 2020, we get anecdotes about his family, his relationship, life in the country, travel and his thoughts about the political twists and turns of the last decade. Interspersed throughout are jokes and snarky comments from people aiming to shock him.

If you know and love David Sedaris you will enjoy this book as much as any others. If you don’t know David Sedaris, I wouldn’t recommend starting here but rather a snappier essay collection and working your way to this.

I got approved for this one on Netgalley but in the end I ended up listening to it as an ALC on With a book like this, I find it more entertaining hearing it in the author’s voice. The inflection, tone and pacing always add so much depth. This audiobook had Tracy Ullman cameos throughout where she would read some entries. I love her but I didn’t need this because I enjoy David’s narrative so much.

Thanks to both Netgalley and for access. All opinions above are my own.
What books do you prefer to listen to on audiobook?

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