👻 REVIEW: The Ghost Tree ðŸ‘»

The Ghost Tree was definitely a cover buy for me. The premise reminded me of something Stephen King might write although the characters were definitely more YA. At times it gave me IT vibes, with a big bad unknown evil secretly terrorizing this small town. 

Lauren is a pre-teen who is frustrated that her best friend is suddenly less interested in hanging out in the woods and more interested in hanging with boys. So Lauren is left on her own hanging out by The Ghost Tree, the place where her father was killed. When two young girls bodies are found murdered in a brutal way, she is determined to get to the bottom of it. She realizes that these are not the first girls to go missing in town and that their disappearance might be related to her father’s death. But no one seems to remember that girls keep going missing. She teams up with a friend and a cop to try to get to the bottom of just what’s been happening in town.

This book was a like not a love for me. I’m not quite sure why, it had all the elements for a spooky mystery but it just didn’t get my pulse racing. I liked that we occasionally heard from the big baddie but I think there needed to be more there to the story for me. Still a great option for spooky season reads though. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

What was your last cover buy?

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