REVIEW: On Location

“The way you guys communicate – two adults in their thirties – is f***ing adolescent.”


If that quote appeals to you, you will enjoy this book. If you get frustrated by main characters who spend all their time pretending that they aren’t head over heels for one another and yet keep ending up in bed together, then you might like this one.
On Location is about Alia who is a television producer given her first chance to make a show of her own and she has decided to do a series about National Parks in Utah. That part, I loved. She was doing it in dedication to her grandmother and the descriptions of Utah made me want to visit there. I enjoyed the scenes about filming the series, I love behind the veil TV and movie stuff and the host as a foil was fun. Alia was a great female lead who was passionate about her craft and a good leader.

The love story was frustrating. There were times where the two had great charisma and banter but most of the time I just wanted to smack them. Thank god for the friend who gave us the quote above and kept taking them to task about being immature. They met on the subway, which is how my husband and I met, so that part I liked. But they went on hooking up while working together which isn’t the best ethically (they do address this ad nauseum though). Also way to graphic sexy time for my taste. And another unnecessary epilogue (although this glimpsed the Philippine culture which I wanted more of with a Filipino protagonist).
This one would make a fun vacation read but don’t expect a ton of depth. Thanks to Booksparks for a copy. All opinions above are my own. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Are you serious about photography or do you just use your phone for everything? As an employee under the Nikon umbrella, you’d think that I would be more serious about it but all of my cameras are vintage ones my grandfather left me.

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