REVIEW: They Stay

“She said that magic is just science that hasn’t been discovered yet.”


They Stay is a spooky mystery with a paranormal element. Shiloh is a high schooler whose little brother goes missing and she feels like she’s the only one who can find him. Her home life is brutal and her fear is that her sheriff father is not working hard enough to get Max back. Her best hope comes from a girl at school who has been labelled as a freak because she claims to be able to speak to the dead. As she gets closer and closer to finding Max and another girl who had previously gone missing in town, things get weirder and weirder.

There are several scenes of domestic abuse in the story. They are in there to help build a story for Shiloh, to show us where she gets her strength and why is she is so determined. But that doesn’t mean it was easy to read, I had to read in smaller snippets to keep from being overwhelmed. As for the paranormal element took a while to reveal what was really going on and who the bad guy really was but it was definitely an interesting reveal.

This story is like Winter’s Bone meets The Dead and the Dark. Definitely a great choice for spooky season.

Thanks to MTMC Tours for a gifted copy. All opinions above are my own.

If you could have the ability to speak to the dead would you want to?

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