🦇 REVIEW: What We Devour 🦇

What We Devour is a dark fantasy story where the world has been abandoned by its two gods, The Noble and the Vile. Some people have magical abilities provided to them by remnants of these two gods which live within them but only the Queen has both sets of powers… or so she thinks… Enter Lorena, a girl with both who has hidden that fact from the world. After a difficult childhood she is hidden away in a small town content with a quiet life when she is forced to reveal herself to the crowned prince in order to save a friend. The prince is a child of the Vile and has what we think are evil intentions. He presses Lorena into his service to help him research ways to repair the door keeping evil out of the world.

This book is interesting and dark and intense but also quite confusing. The magic is unique as the bearers must offer sacrifices to these magical entities in order to get them to act. This is sometimes memories and feelings but other times blood and flesh. It’s unique and interesting but very dark. Basically every transaction is weighing your wellbeing and memories in order to achieve some other goal. 

There are lots of interesting ways that magic is used but the logic of it is kind of confusing and so is the politics and meaning of the entire quest Lorena is on. None of the characters are easy to connect to and the emotional  depth is missing. I still enjoyed the story but needed more from it. 

If you liked Beyond the Ruby Veil, you may enjoy this one. Definitely a perfect read for spooky season!

Happy Halloween!! 🎃🦇🕷

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I am the Vice President of Clinical Affairs for a medical device company where my job is to promote the utility of the device to doctors. I have science and business degrees and have editorial experience in medical communications. In college, I served as an Editorial Assistant for a healthcare communications company and have served on two editorial boards for peer-reviewed journals. In my free time, I always have a book in my hand... or two or three! On average, I read 20 books a month. I have looked to combine two of my skill sets to review on Goodreads and promote books on Instagram that I love to other readers. I'm open to partnering with publishers as an influencer for book tours, giveaways etc.

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