🎧 Audible Originals REVIEW: The Prynne Viper ðŸŽ§

Imagine you get to be a juror on a trial of a person who will eventually wrong you or one of your family members. Now imagine that defendant is an unborn baby, a viper (viable person), and you get to decide whether their life even begins. This is the story of The Prynne Viper.

I love Bianca Marais’s writing and this is a great piece of speculative fiction. As always with novellas or short stories, I wanted more. More detail about each juror and what the impact on them might be would have been great but I loved the three that we followed and how unique each’s perspective was. Even though the story was short, there was great world building and the moral conundrum presented was really fabulously done. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

Have you ever tried an Audible Original?

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