REVIEW: Olga Dies Dreaming

“Even people who were once your sails can become your anchors.”


Olga Dies Dreaming gives a glimpse of life in Brooklyn from the eyes of Puerto Rican sister and brother, Olga and Pedro. We see the drastically different viewpoints of each other their family generations from Catholic, grateful, hardworking abuelita to socialist, anti-religion, Puerto Rican freedom fighting parents with no time to raise their kids to the current generation. Olga and Pedro are each lost in their own ways, fighting their public and personal identities, looking for love and wanting to do more for their Latinx community.

Olga and Pedro are so well developed and each insanely likable. It was easy to root for them from the start. Their parents are atrocious and easy to hate but also important to understand their points of view. 

This is a great generational story that hits so many relevant topics: cultural identity, the meaning of success, sexuality, religion, poverty, independence, living with HIV and many others.

I mainly listened to this one via Librofm via their ALC program but also chose this as as my Book of the Month. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Do you ever buy a physical copy of a book after listening to the audiobook?

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