REVIEW: The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea

“Don’t chase fate… Let fate chase you.”


I’m really loving all of these Far East folklore retellings. Mina is a brave, selfless young girl who sacrifices herself to the Sea God. Each year the town must sacrifice one beautiful young girl as a bride to attempt to appease the vengeful god. This year the town has chosen Shim Cheong, the girl who has captured Mina’s older brother’s heart. She can’t bear the thought of her brother suffering so Mina jumps in herself. This action underlines the heroism of this young girl, through the rest of the story she is the perfect role model of kindness, bravery and selflessness.

When she reaches the Spirit Realm, she is quite surprised by the state of it and how little the gods care for humans. The Sea God is just a young boy who spends his time in an enchanted sleep. Mina is determined to change her fate, the fate of humanity and perhaps how the Spirit Realm operates. She meets all manner of interesting demons and lesser gods who both help her and thwart her efforts in equal measure. 

The writing of this one is beautiful and the world conjured is so fantastical and unique. I loved the idea of the red string of fate and that it wasn’t at all the force it purported to be. I really appreciated the strong moral undertones and the unblemished hero at its center. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

What fantasy world would you like to spend a day in?

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