REVIEW: The City of Dusk

The City of Dusk is set in a world that is dying. Abandoned long ago by the gods, the heirs to the great houses are hoping for a way to reconnect their realms and reestablish the power which fuels the world. 

This one starts off with wayyyy too many characters and the chapters jump from POV to POV. I usually love this tactic but it was a lot to take in along with all of the world building. I got there eventually but I wish there had been a slightly more easy path to get there. The characters are all rich and interesting and bada**. The threats are real but I wish we were given more clues along the way to be trying to solve the mystery of how to reunite the world and the gods along with the heirs. 

The end is bananas action and there are some jaw dropping reveals. I’m glad I didn’t DNF this one when I was overwhelmed, I was rewarded by powering through.

Thanks to Netgalley for advanced access to this novel. All opinions above are my own.

When do you DNF? What makes you power through when you’re a little bored or lost in a plot?

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