REVIEW: In a Garden Burning Gold

In a Garden Burning Gold is a political fantasy in a very mythological world. The ruling family has some unusual powers that they must implement in wholly unique ways. There are four children (100+ year old children LOL) but we mainly follow Alexandros (Lexos) and Rhea who are first born twins within the family. Lexos as the first male wields the power to control the tides and the stars. Rhea controls the changing of seasons by sacrificing a lover each quarter. The different regions lobby for their options to be chosen. Ultimately, everyone wants to overthrow their father, the ruler… perhaps even his children. Rhea and Lexos have always worked in concert but as tensions grow, their opposition begins to grow as well.

There’s definitely a lot of political wrangling in this one. Religion versus government. Family versus family. Family member versus family member. It is a lot at times. But I really loved the magical system and their are some absolutely stunning betrayals throughout. Everyone wants to be a puppetmaster but it’s hard even for the reader to tell who is actually pulling the strings and who is just a puppet right up until the final reveal. I think this one would have gotten a higher rating if I liked even one of the characters. There were a few times where I thought I might like Rhea but then she’d blow it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks to Netgalley for access to this novel. All opinions above are my own.

Would you rather control the stars, the tides or the seasons?

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