REVIEW: Girl in Ice

This was my kind of thriller y’all. A little science, a little historical linguistics, a remote setting… all elements of a compelling mystery. Val, our protagonist, is a linguist by trade… she reminded me a lot of Amy Adam’s character in the movie Arrival. Anyway, she is called out of the blue by her late brother’s scientist partner who is in Greenland at a science station. The same station where her brother died. He has found a young native girl who doesn’t appear to speak any of the local languages. He wants Val’s help, she is riddled with anxiety but is desperate to know what happened to her brother. When she arrives, it’s as bleak as she expected but she is drawn to the girl and so she stays.

Part of the story is trying to figure out what the girl, who is growing sicker by the day. is trying to tell them with her strange language and her drawings. Part of the story is Val trying to figure out why her brother killed himself, or if he really killed himself. Part of the story is about survival in a stark place. The way they weave together is fun and unusual. I think it might cause an eyeroll for some but I loved the fantastical tweaking on the science.

Val was a little annoying at times so I’m leaving it just short of 5 stars but I really enjoyed this one. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

Thanks to Scout Press for the gifted copy. All opinions above are my own.

Would you ever do a trip to the Arctic/Antarctic?

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