REVIEW: Hotel Magnifique

Jani and Zosa are orphan girls dreaming of a better life. They take a chance on a singing job for Zosa in the magical Hotel Magnifique, which travels with its patrons from exotic location to exotic location each night. Zosa signs on with a magical contract containing clauses they can not read and stipulations of which they cannot imagine the extent. Jani weasels her way in with an old invite she has misappropriated, realizing quickly her guest contract also has stipulations. We are initially wowed with the magic in the place: the decor, the thrilling evening shows and the destinations one can only dream of. Jani inserts herself right in the business of the place, quickly causing trouble as she realizes the contract binding them all to the place is quite detrimental. Her motivation is spurred on by the need to save Soza and the handsome and mysterious Bel who she is drawn to from page one.

I’ve seen many compare this to Caraval or Night Circus, it has similar themes of magic and finite time lines but I thought it was wholly different in execution. I was entertained throughout and quite enjoyed the darker elements. I appreciate that we got decent backstories on all of the main characters, that helped me connect with them more fully. I wanted a little more time in each of the destinations getting to know this world, but I understand Jani was on a mission! We got a full resolution and an ending that was fulfilling. I like a standalone fantasy, but I wouldn’t mind another adventure in the hotel. ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

Where have you stayed that had the most amazing hotel?

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