REVIEW: On the Tip of Her Tongue

On the Tip of Her Tongue is hard to classify; it’s somewhere between psychological thriller, light horror and a mystery. We meet Judy as she wakes up with her memory missing in her hometown with her parents. Her husband, a famous author, is on tour and she must figure out who she is and how she got to the place she’s in on her own. She’s not sure who to trust and we spend a good portion of the story guessing with her just who the sinister force is and whether we can even trust what she thinks she knows. These pages are fraught with anxiety and fear – Judy swings wildly from going about her day in a small town to being triggered into memories that she’s not quite sure are real. The writing brings that anxiety to a real fever pitch at times and yet it’s not always clear what’s going on until it all pulls together in the end.

There is a lot of tell, not show exposition in this story because we are quite often in Judy’s head. We do get another POV towards the last third of the novel, but I missed that a bit in the beginning. I spent a lot of those early chapters not sure if Judy was a reliable narrator, a view of the sinister party, even if we didn’t know who it was would have helped me enjoy this a bit more because the unreliable narrator trope is not a favorite of mine.

If you have a print version of this one, there are clues hidden within the text. I read the KindleUnlimited version when I was not able to access my hardbound copy and I missed that device but that aspect was really fun.  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐

Thanks to the author for the gifted copy. All opinions above are my own.

Would you rather have the ability to remember everything you’ve ever experienced in detail (Mary Lou Retton style) or the ability to completely lose memories of anything you don’t want to remember?

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