Pub Day Audiobook REVIEW: Our Crooked Hearts

“A book worth hiding is a book worth tugging from a dead woman’s cooling fingers…”


What would you do to protect your secrets? To keep your children from repeating your mistakes?

 When strange things start happening to Ivy, she learns just how far her mother has gone to protect her from finding out her past. We get the story in alternating chapters with one time point narrated by Ivy in the present moment and one by her mother Dana when she was a teenager. Dana and her friends became occultists practicing a very dark form of magic and whatever they have conjured she would do anything to hide. Ivy on the other hand wants nothing more than to the know the truth and she will stop at nothing to get there.

I like that this one focuses a bit on the impact of magic, the idea that witches must live in balance. Young people playing with magic can get them into serious trouble if they don’t know the consequences. We see a darker side of what just a toe dip of magic can do. One timeline was very ‘The Craft’ while the others was more ‘Hocus Pocus’ but surprisingly they pull together nicely.

I did this one on audio and the narrators were really great. ⭐️⭐️⭐⭐

Thanks to Macmillian for access to this audiobook. All opinions above are my own. 

This one is out today. Any new releases you’re excited for?

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