REVIEW: Wild is the Witch

Iris is a young witch who has not learned her lesson about the risks of magic. Even though she ran afoul of the witches council before, in a moment of anger and frustration she crafts a curse she never means to cast. Unfortunately for her, an owl becomes the unwitting recipient of the curse. Now she must track down the owl before the annoying, witch-hating, yet handsome boy interning at her family’s animal refuge is hit with said curse. Oh, and the solution is that she go with that boy on an expedition through the woods to find the owl.

This one is an angsty, enemies to lovers (PG-style) witch story where we get a bit of a whiny, entitled girl who is learning the very hard way to be true to herself. I’m not sure if it was how the narrator read it or how it was written how young and immature the MC was. Her choices bothered me a lot. The transition from disliking Pike immensely to drooling over him was too quick for me. That said, the magic, nature and expedition were all fun. The ending was also a bit unexpected based on where I thought the story was going. 

Thanks to Sourcebooks Fire via Netgalley for access to this audiobook. All opinions above are my own.

What’s your favorite book about witches?

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