REVIEW: The Two Lives of Sara

This at its heart is a book about mercy, acceptance and hope. Sara is a young black woman in the 1960’s fleeing her home for a new one in Memphis. She takes up residence with Mama Sugar in a boarding house where she births her son and learns about the realities of the world for an unwed black woman in the South. She is surrounded with characters who are flawed and yet surviving. She learns about her faith, how to accept her past and how to hope for the future even in the face of some awful events.

I’ll admit, this one was a little hard for me to get into at first. It reminded me a lot of The Love Songs of WEB DuBois but I didn’t have the same investment in the characters. Sara is a very hard person to love, her pain is so raw and her reactions so polarizing. But then we learn why Sara is as challenging as she is and my thoughts for her began to turn. I began to be so invested in her, Mama Sugar and Will’s lives and was quite heartbroken as the hits kept coming for them. The arc of these characters is very powerful.

This is a super heavy read with lots of very bleak moments, while the writing is fabulous, I’m not sure it’s a book anyone can just pick up any day and get into it. I would advise making sure you’re in a good headspace before tackling this one. I’m not sure Sara ever gets to where I wanted her to be when the story ends, but that’s a lot like life isn’t it. We all just do what we can to cope and keep moving forward. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks to Park Row Books via Netgalley for access to this audiobook. All opinions above are my own. This one published yesterday, so check it out!

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