REVIEW: The Ravens

Vivi is a witch but she doesn’t know it until her first day of college. She always wrote off her mother’s tarot readings as a goofy act. But when she is approached to rush the most exclusive sorority on campus, she is intrigued. Initiation is a real eye opener as she realizes the group are all powerful witches, each with power associated with a tarot suit. Her assigned ‘big sister’ is an ambitious legacy with her eyes on the presidency. We get a bit of Vivi’s journey to learn her powers but most of the story is a mystery surrounding the death of a former sister and the kidnapping of a current one.

This story had good world building with fun, unique magic. The mystery seemed really straightforward but had a few twists I enjoyed. It does have its catty girl moments but they are lightly sprinkled enough that if that isn’t you’re thing you can still enjoy. Think The Craft meets Pretty Little Liars. 

What’s your favorite movie with witchcraft?

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I am the Vice President of Clinical Affairs for a medical device company where my job is to promote the utility of the device to doctors. I have science and business degrees and have editorial experience in medical communications. In college, I served as an Editorial Assistant for a healthcare communications company and have served on two editorial boards for peer-reviewed journals. In my free time, I always have a book in my hand... or two or three! On average, I read 20 books a month. I have looked to combine two of my skill sets to review on Goodreads and promote books on Instagram that I love to other readers. I'm open to partnering with publishers as an influencer for book tours, giveaways etc.

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