REVIEW: A Dowry of Blood

“We’ve waltzed through a hundred tiny apocalypses, you and I, walked unharmed through the ash of countless crumbling regimes. We feast on the ruin of empires, Constanta. Their destructionis our high feast day.”


Oh how I love a good story about Dracula. In this tale we are reading his “wife” Constanta’s final letters to him. She was turned by him as she was dying amidst the war in Romania. Initially grateful and enamored by him she revels in the life he gives her. She’s gone from rags to riches with the most desirable man she can imagine. As time marches on she begins to question her choices and see just how manipulative her precious husband is. When she is no longer the center of his affections, cracks begin to form and she looks for a way out.

I loved this toe back into the world of the vampire king. I enjoyed seeing glimpses of European history through the pair’s lavish travels. The slow reveal of the truth Constanta’s perfect world was well done. I really liked seeing more of Dracula the man and some of the vampire lore explained. We literally get one sentence referencing the Harker fiasco… I would’ve loved a different point of you of the original story but that’s my only real criticism. Definitely a great read for spooky season and a perfect addition to my vampire shelf.

What last spooky reads are you trying to fit in before Halloween?

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