REVIEW: The Jasmine Throne & The Oleander Sword

I listened to these stories back to back on a trip, so I’m going to review them together because my brain is unable to separate the two from one another. I promise no spoilers though.

The Burning Kingdoms series focuses on two families of the royal class in a India-inspired fantasy world. These families are fighting against each other and within themselves for power and control. The kingdom is being infested with a disease which plagues its people, and they believe only with the true ruler taking power will it be cured. 

These stories had a lot of politics and the magical world was certainly complex. The love story was definitely different, generally with two women you would expect an overly emotional portrayal of their feelings but these women put the kingdom first. It was a wholly unique read that I easily lost myself in. I’m glad I did them on audio because the words and names were really complex and hearing them was easier to internalize than reading them would have been for sure.

Do you prefer reading a series one at a time as they come out or reading them together when they’re all out?

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