REVIEW: Ghost Eaters

Silas is a drug addict and his on again off again girlfriend is constantly saving him from himself. She can’t understand the addiction he has and finally cuts him off. Then he ODs and she would give anything to speak to him again. She hears about a drug called Ghost that allows the user to see the dead. She takes it and suddenly she understands what Silas was going through and finds that she can’t stop until she can resolve the past.

Now this was the ghost story I was looking for during spooky season. It’s super dark, and you find yourself wondering whether it’s the drug, a touch of madness or if there really is something haunting people from beyond. I do think the first half was a little slow but it was setting up all the details you needed for the second half. This one will make a great movie.

If you liked What Moves in the Dark or Leech, give this one a chance.

Give me a ghost story recommendation for my TBR!

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