Audiobook REVIEW: Legends and Lattes

Viv is a retired Orc warrior looking to start over her life doing something quiet and service oriented. She loves coffee and wants to bring it and other delicacies to her small town. She buys a little shop and collects a motley crew of misfits to help her run it. While she gains traction with the townsfolk with her team’s innovative ideas she also catches the eye of the local enforcer who insists she bend the knee and pay for “protection.” She must balance her warrior past with her future hopes and dreams of a peaceful small town life.

Hmm… I guess these gushy found family stories are just not for me. If you liked The House in the Cerulean Sea then you will probably enjoy this one. The fantasy elements are super light. The idea of an orc and a succubus trying to introduce their world to coffee will likely give you a giggle here and there. But if you’re somebody that doesn’t need a big plot and likes warm fuzzies this one will likely work for you. I DNF-ed the aforementioned Cerulean Sea and likely would have done the same with this but the audiobook was short and frankly I kept waiting for something to happen, even a glimpse of Liv’s former warrior life would have been enough. Backstories on any of the characters… anything more than discovering biscotti really. It’s all very 2022 inclusive, and queer positive though, I appreciate that we need more stories like that in the world.

I added this one to my list after seeing it nominated for an Goodreads choice award for fantasy this year. What books did everyone seem to love this year that just didn’t do it for you?

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