REVIEW: The Stranded

When the world war to end all wars takes place, biological weapons are key. The folks who survive with no virus exposure are people with berths on cruise ships. A whole society is formed with totalitarian leadership that controls everything. The upper decks have it a bit better but the lower decks are rife with crime and gangs. Ester and her sister May have a chance to get off as a medic and military cadet respectively but they get caught up in the rebellion and they have to weigh there own futures with that of the greater good.

Man oh man is this one packed with action. Literally from page one, there is danger and strife, good guys and bad guys. If you like layered characters who are unexpected heroes or villains than this story is for you, although the one baddie is a super baddie that you will love to hate.. The backstory unravels for us slowly throughout as the fight for survival and rebellion take place. At first it’s a bit overwhelming to keep straight all of the facets of the ship, the new government and who is really in control of what but if you go with it, everything is revealed in time. My investment in the characters was a bit lacking though, while I was interested to see where things went, I wasn’t rooting for the main characters as much as I would have hoped. Check this one out if you liked Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves.

Thanks to Sourcebooks Fire for gifted access via Netgalley. All opinions above are my own.

Have you ever been on a cruise? Where to? Did you enjoy it?

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