Pub Week REVIEW: All the Dangerous Things

When Isabelle’s toddler son goes missing, her life falls apart. Her husband leaves, she can’t sleep and the case quickly goes cold. A chance meeting with a true crime podcaster gives her a chance to look at the disappearance in a new way. As she starts to look back she’s worried more will be uncovered than just the circumstances around Mason’s disappearance.

I did this one on audio and the performance was phenomenal. So phenomenal that I spent the first half worried about this falling into my least favorite trope of unreliable narrator. I’m glad I stuck with it though, I definitely did not see the ending coming. There were so many little twists that added up to a great ending. If you’re a thriller fan, definitely check this one out!

Thanks to Macmillian Audio for gifted access via Netgalley. All opinions above are my own.

This one publishes tomorrow so add it to your TBR! 

You can tell by the picture how long ago I read this one… how long does it take you to post your reviews?

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