REVIEW: Lessons in Chemistry

Elizabeth Zott is a woman before her time. She is passionate about chemistry in a world that only wants to see her as a housewife. She moves through her career being defined by the men around her. Being used and abused, with no one acknowledging her brain or her talent but rather her looks. When she appropriates some beakers from a man on a different floor of her research institute her life is changed forever. She is finally seen as the chemist she wants to be, although he also tries to put her in the box he wants her in. 

This book offers frustration (especially if you are a woman, double especially if you are a woman in science) and hilarity. Every single woman will relate to Elizabeth as she barrels against every male built wall in her life. You will love her quirky daughter, her amazing dog and her friends will make you cheer. The hurdles she leaps and people she inspires will warm your heart. Not sure how your average white male will feel about this story, it definitely paints them in an awful (but mostly true) light.

Put this one on your reading list for sure!

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I am the Vice President of Clinical Affairs for a medical device company where my job is to promote the utility of the device to doctors. I have science and business degrees and have editorial experience in medical communications. In college, I served as an Editorial Assistant for a healthcare communications company and have served on two editorial boards for peer-reviewed journals. In my free time, I always have a book in my hand... or two or three! On average, I read 20 books a month. I have looked to combine two of my skill sets to review on Goodreads and promote books on Instagram that I love to other readers. I'm open to partnering with publishers as an influencer for book tours, giveaways etc.

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