I know there’s a lot of controversy around this one, but it’s definitely unprecedented to have such frank access to a royal family member. This document will be analyzed forever throughout history.

I don’t blame Harry for taking the opportunity to tell his truth. Especially because he feels so deeply that his family didn’t properly support him. He offered to walk away to leave a peaceful quiet life and that was not possible. Not only was it not possible but his family seems to have stoked the fervor with the press that was Harry’s big grievance. I am not judging him for his methodology here, if I could expose all of the grievances I have with my family and had the platform he has, I would take it as well!

I find it super funny that the main narrative in reviews is the selfishness of the royal family. Those folks have to dig back in history, this is nothing. In the old days, it would have been off with this kid’s head!

Truthfully though, I found the memoir as a whole to be quite boring. For someone who had everything at his fingertips, he really didn’t take great advantage of it. I wish him luck with his future life, I really hope he finds peace and purpose from here.

Amazon / Audible rejected this review… I thought Harry was a little over the top with his press paranoia… but then my review is rejected “for not meeting community standards.” Like Harry, I’m ok with that, community standards are ridiculous these days. Do you have reviews that get frequently rejected?

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