REVIEW: The Light Pirate

Wanda is born amidst a hurricane that devastates her family and is indicative of the destruction that is ahead for Florida. This future world has Florida being returned to the wild as storms repeatedly lash it taking life and livelihood. The storytelling is unique and covers the nuts and bolts of survival intertwined with the resilience of humanity when faced with such loss.

Devastating. Honestly this is a heartbreak of a book. Be prepared for that going in. I mean it’s dystopian, so you should expect some strife, but this one is realistic and raw. The writing is very evocative. It does one thing I generally dislike in books, huge time jumps, it did leave me wanting more each time it jumped but on the other hand, I felt like I got why the story needed to be that way. The other thing that I liked but also annoyed me, was that there was a little magic in there but it’s not really explained in the end. This is definitely a beautiful, impactful story of love, loss, grief and survival but just shy of a 5 star read for me.

Thanks to LibroFM via their ALC program for gifted access to this one. All opinions above are my own.

If you were a pirate what would your unique character trait be? Peg leg? Eye patch? Parrot?

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