REVIEW: Belladonna

Signa is an orphan who has lived in several homes, each touched by unfortunate deaths. As she is coming towards the end of her youth, and about to come into her inheritance, she is once again in a new home. She moves in just as the matriarch of the family has died and the daughter, who is her age, is growing ill. She quickly finds herself embroiled in the mystery, who is responsible for the ill fate of this family and why does death follow her so closely? 

Turns out in this one, Death is a person, not a spoiler… it’s in the blurb. Of course, Death is sexy and mysterious… que the Addie LaRue comparisons. I enjoyed the atmosphere of this one and the plucky heroine but the two “big” twists were super obvious. The first half was a beautiful build but as the reveals began, I found myself a little underwhelmed. I always enjoy Adalyn Grace’s world building but just found the plot a little formulaic of gothic YA fantasy. I’m sure I will still enjoy the sequel however the epilogue cliffhanger was unneccessary.

Thanks to Little Brown for access via Netgalley. All opinions above are my own.

Do you like a murder mystery with some fantastical elements or do you prefer they are straightforward?

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