Pub Day REVIEW: Hang the Moon

The Duke is the head of a powerful Virginia family. The Kincaids own land, run the town businesses and during Prohibition make a fortune in running bootleg moonshine. The Duke is a bit of a complex character and has several children from his various wives. The story focuses on daughter Sallie who is sent away after an incident with her half brother. When Duke’s wife dies, he brings Sallie home and she begins working for her beloved father. As she grows and the family faces change and hardship, Sallie must find her strength, her voice and come to grips with the truth of who her father really was.

Sallie was a lovely, strong woman out of her time. I enjoyed seeing the choices she would make and how protective and caring she was about those in her circle. The lengths these small town folks went to protect their livelihood and how long they held on to grudges is hard to believe. Certainly makes for a good read though.

I do think this one does paint men all with a pretty negative brush though. They didn’t all need to be so immoral and violent to show how strong, clever and resilient Sallie was. But that is my only criticism.

Thanks to Scribner Books, the author and Dart Frog Co for the gifted copy. All opinions above are my own.

Any books publishing today that you’re excited about?

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