REVIEW: Hello Beautiful

“What is wrong with this family?”

“That is a fair question.”


William is a young man who is born into a family undergoing a tragedy. He grows up distanced from his parents and that impacts his entire life. When he marries Julia, he is immersed in the exact opposite family and he quickly loses himself. The story travels through many years as the family changes and grows dealing with all the ups and downs of life.

Oh my, this book. When I first started it, I was not sure if I could care about these characters. I’m not super into basketball and the beginning left me a little uncertain. But I was quickly won over by this family of complex, broken characters. I went from unsure if I wanted to make it past the first few chapters to not wanting to take my headphones off and immerse myself back in reality. I went from feeling disconnected to being so invested to where I could see myself in each one. Their choices and circumstances resonated so deeply that I would physically ache after reading. Just like Dear Edward, this is a story I will not easily forget.

Also I loved the homage to Little Women, that just added a layer of icing to a cake I already loved.

What’s the last book you just couldn’t put down?

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