Pub Day REVIEW: Five First Chances

Louisa is reliving the same few months over and over. She gets five chances to re-live her friend’s birthday party and the few months following it. In each case she is surrounded by the same handful of people and most of the same events unfold. But she has some awareness of what is happening and can make different choices based on what she has learned from the past. With each pass she is able to face the truths of her life, help her friends and decide who she truly wants to be.

This one is Groundhog Day meets Me Before You and In Five Years with a dash of Sliding Doors. Be prepared for heavy emotion and little explanation of the time slip. It was a ‘like’ not a ‘love’ read for me. Something was missing for me in the main Lou relationship that drove the story. It was sad but I was not as bought into it as I wanted to be. Also folks looking for a traditional HEA should be braced for something quite different.

Thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark for gifted access via Netgalley. All opinions above are my own.

Is there a moment in your life you’d like to relive until you got it “right?”

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