REVIEW: The Sanatorium

Elin is a detective visiting an exclusive new hotel built on the site of an old sanatorium to celebrate her brother’s engagement. She is on leave after a big case and deciding the future of her career but also looking to reconcile her feelings about her brother. They suffered a loss as children and have never properly dealt with it. After she arrives, her brother’s fiancée goes missing just as the hotel is closed off from the world by an avalanche. Bodies start to pile up and she’s the only one with the skills to solve the case.

Ok, this one is a ‘check reality at the door’ type thriller. If you can believe some of the more far fetched aspects, this one will definitely keep you guessing. I figured out a few of the mysteries before Elin did but that didn’t impact my enjoyment of the book as a whole. The pace was quick, the murders were gory and the clues came fast and furious. This makes the perfect beach or pool read.

This is one of those books I bought the day it came out and then waited two years to read it. What’s your average turnaround time from the time a book enters your possession until you pick it up to read?

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I am the Vice President of Clinical Affairs for a medical device company where my job is to promote the utility of the device to doctors. I have science and business degrees and have editorial experience in medical communications. In college, I served as an Editorial Assistant for a healthcare communications company and have served on two editorial boards for peer-reviewed journals. In my free time, I always have a book in my hand... or two or three! On average, I read 20 books a month. I have looked to combine two of my skill sets to review on Goodreads and promote books on Instagram that I love to other readers. I'm open to partnering with publishers as an influencer for book tours, giveaways etc.

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