REVIEW: Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone

“Family is not whose blood runs in your veins but who you’d spill it for.”


Ernest is a writer and is relating to us the murder(s) that have been committed by his family members as they convene at an isolated ski resort. They are meeting up to celebrate the release of brother Michael from prison after one of those said murders. We get the details of that and how Ernest ends up the caretaker of $267,000. He wonders if Michael will be vengeful after his imprisonment but it turns out Michael is not the only one he should be worried about.

This one is definitely a roller coaster ride. I did the audiobook version and loved the style of writing and narrating. It made for a fun listen. I do think the mystery murderer was easy to discern if you listened but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the strange ride. The family is quirky and convoluted in their relationships so you’ll need to pay attention but all of the clues are there. There is a high body count and some unusual ways to die for sure.

Read this one if you liked The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, Anxious People, Knives Out or Only Murders in the Building. This one will be great on the big screen.

If you knew a family member had killed someone, would you turn them in?

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