REVIEW: The Dead Romantics

Florence is making it as a ghostwriter for a famous author in NYC. She was run out of her small town for being too strange. It’s hard not to be strange as the daughter of a funeral director, especially one who can communicate with ghosts. After a heartbreak she has lost her mojo and her due date is looming. She must face a new editor and ask for an extension. He of course is attractive and unyielding. As she flounders, she gets the devastating news that her father has died. When she gets home, there is so much to deal with, her family, her old friends and that hot editor who now appears to be a ghost?

I liked the quirkiness of this one but wasn’t wowed by it in anyway. I didn’t connect with Florence or her family. I didn’t really feel the sparks with her and ghost boy and her troubles didn’t really feel substantial enough for me to care. 

I do love the sprayed edges on this @fairyloot edition but not enough to keep it on my shelves. This copy is up on @pangobooks for sale if you’re interested. (Don’t worry I read a digital copy so this baby is unopened.)

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