Pub Week REVIEW: Rogue Justice

Avery Keene is amidst an impeachment scandal that took down the President. He is trying to claw his way back into power by discrediting her. Then a judge turns up dead and she witnesses another be murdered. So from page one there is non-stop action as she tries to figure out one conspiracy while extracting herself from another.

This one is a super complex political thriller where there are a ton of characters who all have serious motives (ie world domination). Avery is a good heroine, although I wish we got more of her rather than her in a room where people are talking at her, but when she was in charge I really enjoyed it.

Read this one if you enjoyed The Night Agent.

Thanks to Doubleday books for the gifted copy. All opinions above are my own. This one is out tomorrow, add it to your TBR!

Would you ever consider running for office?

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