REVIEW: The Dust Child

“… we are just water hyacinth plants floating on a river. Don’t let the current pull you down. Protect yourself because no one else can.” ————————– Dust Child tells us the impact of the Vietnam war on several generations of people. We see the impact on two young poor sisters during the war, an American GIContinue reading “REVIEW: The Dust Child”

REVIEW: The Lady of the Loch

In this story we get two timelines with two women, one set of sisters in the present day whose fate takes them to Ravenscraig Castle in Scotland where they experience the history of the place in an unusual way. As they uncover the history of the place and its significance to Robert the Bruce’s history they encounterContinue reading “REVIEW: The Lady of the Loch”

Audiobook REVIEW: My Dear Henry

Gabriel is a Black, gay man pursuing a medical degree when he meets Henry Jekyll, a handsome young man whose father is an anatomy professor. The two carry on an affair until they are found out and are expelled from school. Henry writes Gabriel a letter asking him to move on. Meanwhile a white haired,Continue reading “Audiobook REVIEW: My Dear Henry”

REVIEW: Where Darkness Blooms

“There are a lot of strange things in this town,” Evan said slowly, “It’s best to keep the strangest one close to be safe.” Delilah, Jude, Whitney and Bo are teenage girls who live together and are desperately trying to find their mothers who went missing. The town seems overall disinterested in solving the mystery.Continue reading “REVIEW: Where Darkness Blooms”

Pub Day REVIEW: Lies We Sing to the Sea

“‘We are more than our actions,’ said Leto. ‘We are the way we love others and the way they love us back.’ And the way that others will ruin themselves in our absence, the way that no one else will ever be good enough for life to be worth living.” Each year twelve women inContinue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: Lies We Sing to the Sea”

REVIEW: Someone Else’s Life

In the middle of an epic storm in Kauai, a stranded motorist knocks on Annie’s door. She lets the woman in to wait out the storm and after a few glasses of wine begins to wonder if this woman may have other motives. Both women’s pasts are slowly revealed as the storm rages outside andContinue reading “REVIEW: Someone Else’s Life”

Pub Day REVIEW: The Writing Retreat

“The few times I’d timidly given her one of my stories to read, she’d found pleasure in pointing out any improbabilities. This would never happen.” ——————————— Yeah, that quote says it all for me. It’s a bit like Nanowrimo if a maniacal Willy Wonka type ran it. The Plot meets The Finalists meets The Hunting Wives.Continue reading “Pub Day REVIEW: The Writing Retreat”

REVIEW: Sharks in the Time of Saviors

This story explores Hawaiian culture and beliefs in a world where mainstream culture is sweeping away that identity. We follow one family who think they have been touched by the gods, destined for greatness after their 7 year old son is saved by sharks. Their belief in the potential to pull themselves out of the worldContinue reading “REVIEW: Sharks in the Time of Saviors”

REVIEW: Soul of the Deep

Well, surprise surprise, I loved the sequel way more than the original. I know I’m in the minority of folks who always seem to love a sequel more than the original but especially with fantasy, the more I know the world, the magic, the characters – the more deeply I can immerse myself. Now thatContinue reading “REVIEW: Soul of the Deep”

Pub Week REVIEW: Wildblood

“You are no lesser person because of what you survived. Your faults, vices, trauma, pain… those make you as much wholly you as all the joy and talent and love and vibrancy in you.” ————————— Deep in the jungles of Jamaica lie all sorts of strange magical monsters. Tourists who wish to journey on theContinue reading “Pub Week REVIEW: Wildblood”