Pub Day Review: REVIEW: A Spell of Rowans

“My mother, the witch from a fairytale with no happy ending.” ———————————- A Spell of Rowans is more of a murder mystery and family drama than a book about witches and magic. It reminded me in a lot of ways of The Family Plot. The Rowans are an unusual family in a small town andContinue reading “Pub Day Review: REVIEW: A Spell of Rowans”

🐾 REVIEW: Pup Culture 🐾

Pup Culture is a love letter to the canine world, Paul Shaffer’s daughter tells us how she and her family acquired and fell in love with their rescue dogs. Part memoir, part self-help, part how-to and all love, Pup Culture encourages the reader to consider adopting a rescue or fostering a pup. Interspersed throughout areContinue reading “🐾 REVIEW: Pup Culture 🐾”

Pub Day Review: Within these Wicked Walls

“You’re a surprisingly slow learner, Andromeda.” “Quick learner,” I said, my mind too tired to keep an annoyed bite from peeking through. “Slow follower.” ————————————- Within these Wicked Walls is THE PERFECT read for spooky season. Andromeda is a debtera, an Ethiopian exorcist, who is desperately trying to earn a patronage so that she canContinue reading “Pub Day Review: Within these Wicked Walls”

REVIEW: The Fortunate Ones

“You are coming of age in a world that wants you to believe it’s ok to be mediocre,” Arch said, “There are no really great men left, the world tells you, so why bother trying to become one?” ——————————– I really enjoyed this book, I can’t exactly pinpoint a reason though. I really enjoyed theContinue reading “REVIEW: The Fortunate Ones”

REVIEW: The Gilded Cage

Lynette Noni knocked this sequel out of the park. I had such high hopes because I LOVED The Prison Healer, so I was super nervous going into The Gilded Cage that the magic would be gone. It turns out it’s only gone because Kiva wanted it to be (IYKYK) :-P. It’s hard to review withoutContinue reading “REVIEW: The Gilded Cage”

REVIEW: The Judge’s List

Grisham is back in his sweet spot with The Judge’s List, this novel is a cat and mouse game as the judicial commission tries to investigate a judge who may be a serial killer. We’ve met Lacy before in The Whistler and she’s now been dragged into another criminal case. She is contacted by a womanContinue reading “REVIEW: The Judge’s List”

REVIEW: The Spirit Engineer

“Oh, Darwin, Darwin, Darwin,’ said Stoupe. ‘The very enemy of magic himself. Very well then, perhaps not butterflies but even Mr Darwin would struggle to explain where we go when we die. He might be up there now, in fact, sitting on a wooly mammoth and thinking himself a perfect clown.” —————————- This book intriguedContinue reading “REVIEW: The Spirit Engineer”

REVIEW: The Lighthouse Witches

I think I would have enjoyed this novel more if I hadn’t just read House of Hollow. Lots of similar vibes with three missing sisters that later appear mostly unharmed. This story focuses on a tiny Scottish island town steeped in a history of witchery. Liv moves into town to paint a mural in aContinue reading “REVIEW: The Lighthouse Witches”

REVIEW: A Carnival of Snackery

Oh, David Sedaris, how I would love to spend 5 minutes in your mind! A Carnival of Snackery gives us yet another glimpse of the world through his eyes and as always it’s equally hilarious, poignant and curious. In the style of journal entries we follow David’s life 2003 to 2020, we get anecdotes about hisContinue reading “REVIEW: A Carnival of Snackery”

REVIEW: Welcome to Kamini

Are you one of those people that are caught up in the go go go of life? Taking on more work than you can handle and taking the beautiful silent moments of the world for granted? That’s Russell when we meet him; he has accomplished a lot in his career, he is financially well offContinue reading “REVIEW: Welcome to Kamini”